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EsquireEsquire is the leading men’s lifestyle magazine in the Netherlands. For more than 20 years Esquire is the main source of inspiration for Dutch men. From fashion and watches to gadgets and cars. Bülent was one of the designers that worked on the magazine after its significant restyling WWW.ESQUIRE>NL  

Dafne Schippers

DafneDafne Schippers is one the biggest stars in global athletics. This first book by the Olympic medalist is based on her popular blogs ‘Dafne likes’ with quick, simple and healthy dishes from around the world. Together with insights from her career and daily life she aims to inspire healthy eating without much fuss. Bülent did…


FashionFor over ten years Glamour has been the biggest fashion & beauty magazine in The Netherlands. Always completely ‘on trend’ and up to date with the latest in fashion-, beauty- and lifestyle news. Bülent’s role as Art Director focused on a re-design of the magazine and keeping the magazine current and on-trend. In addition he…

Benevolent bee

TheA project Bülent did for the American market commissioned by publisher Quarry. The Benevolent Bee is written by Stephanie Bruneau; beekeeper, herbalist and artist. The book explains all things regarding bees and ‘the hive’. From information about honey and beeswax to recipes and techniques ‘the hive’ can be helpful regarding health and wellness. WWW.QUARTOKNOWS.COM  

Rens Kroes

PowerfoodThe international bestseller by food expert Rens Kroes. Bülent did the complete design and art concept of the healthy food book and worked with photographer Anne Timmer on making this a food book with photography that stood out. The first Powerfood book has also been released in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada and Australia…

Mark Dakriet

NeverMark Dakriet was part of the Dutch soul formation Re-Play. Upbeat, always smiling and successful. But in reality Mark was unhappy and overweight. Never Nooit Meer is the story how he lost 80 kilograms. What could’ve been a tragic story became a success and an inspiring story about how Mark got back on stage and…

CS magazine

CSThe Dutch National Railyways commissioned Hearst Media (previously G+J Netherlands) to produce a magazine for Amsterdam Central Station. The completely overhauled architectural icon of Amsterdam has a central role in the city. CS Magazine features the best this station has to offer. From restaurant and shops to excellent service at Amsterdam Centraal. Bülent did the…

Non stop

Non StopThis was Bülent’s Art Academy project he did with four other students. They organized a symposium and in addition to the organization they also produced all advertisement material. A project from way back, but nevertheless one that is definitely worth mentioning WWW.HKU.NL  


Style BookDanie Bles is one of the leading stylists in The Netherlands and together with Bülent they worked on creating the ultimate style guide. In the book the style tips are categorized by type. Ranging from classic and bohemian to vintage and glamourous. Danie gives the best tips, do’s & don’ts and addresses to give…
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